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tymr is a mobile and web service for discovering, planning and promoting any type of events.

The aim of the company is to overcome the lack of a platform (on a global, regional and local level) that combines a social network with a dedicated event management tool.

Understanding an event as an action that can be booked, our target customers can range from a single friend’s party organizer, to professional conference promoters.

The social network platform connects some rich features (such as real-time updates, subscriptions, ratings, private messages and others) with a complete catalog with a strong focus on geolocation and scheduling. We also surprise our users with a detailed recommendation system, that foresees the intended search and suggests events according to their profile,
social graph, location, etc.
For professional usage, we’ve built a marketplace where promoters can enhance their events, by installing some paid modules such as a ticketing system, a merchandise store or a backoffice for analytics and feedback measure. We also assist with the planning of the event, by suggesting and
partnering services (like catering, music artists, security companies or public relations) according to the event type, making it easier and simple to organize.

These unique design features, place tymr as an attractive all-in-one solution, to become an excellence resource in the event industry.

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